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The Art of Getting Acquainted

Contributed by Lukas Pesa

Let’s talk about networking. It can be argued that one of the best ways to navigate the workforce is through networking. Take MaRS, for example. They are hosting a start-up job fair this Friday to provide students with an opportunity to meet exciting Toronto start-ups. This is only one example of the thousands of networking events that occur worldwide every year. It makes me reflect on how important it is to have people in your social and professional circles that are willing to help you and keep you connected. Networking events not only allow companies to meet prospective clients and gain positive relationships, it is also a way to practice people skills, which, let’s be honest, are a serious asset in today’s job market. For young people, practicing people skills can be more important than they realize. With the number of university and college students migrating into the workforce, a real edge is needed to gain the attention of companies. But what happens if and when you get the attention of the company or the client you want? You can’t always just relate to someone you don’t know at the drop of a hat. Herein lays one of the most unknown benefits of networking: IT TEACHES YOU TO BE MOST COMFORTABLE IN SITUATIONS THAT ARE NOT MEANT TO BE COMFORTABLE. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? There are far too many people, young people in particular, who miss opportunities to network and practice what I like to call the “Art of Getting Acquainted”. If you don’t know how to make a good impression, you don’t know how to relate to your prospective clients. If you don’t know how to relate to clients (or company presidents, for that matter), they can’t get comfortable with you, which ultimately leads to less profit, or fewer job opportunities. So, whether you’re a client looking for innovative employees, a company looking for new clients, or even a student looking for jobs, network. Not because it can help you move forward in a career, but because it teaches you how to make a good impression. It teaches you how to ask the right questions when you meet someone. It teaches you how to be comfortable in situations that others find terrifying.

My one final word on this is that networking is like getting in shape, the more you sweat, the better you get. So? What are you waiting for? Start sweating!


If you want to check out the MaRS event I was talking about earlier, here is the link:

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If the shoe fits and looks great, do ethics really matter?

I recently purchased a suit from the Canadian apparel company Judith & Charles. I was drawn by the cut and fabric, and sold on fit and price – at 30 per cent off, it was a steal. Days later, when removing the tags, I learned that my new skirt and jacket had been “tailored with love in Canada.” I went online to find that the company designs and manufactures ninety per cent of its collections locally. According to the website, it does so to be “supportive of the local economy… and have full control over our production, pushing our strongest assets – fit and quality – to the forefront.”

While “fit and quality” compelled me to buy, I’d like to think that the line’s commitment to doing business in Canada will transform me into a loyal customer. For me, it means most pieces are manufactured in an environment that is worlds away – literally and figuratively – from the deplorable conditions that were exposed when the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed killing more than 1,000 workers two years ago.

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2015 Ontario Budget Analysis

The 2015 Ontario budget, announced yesterday, reflects the four priority pillars outlined by the Liberal government in the last election: investing in a skilled workforce, building modern infrastructure, creating a dynamic business environment and strengthening retirement security. Against the backdrop of a $10.9 billion deficit which the government has committed to slaying by 2017/2018, the budget contains two measures that will help the government move forward in these priority areas while driving towards a balanced budget:

  • A plan for increased asset optimization that will add an additional $2.6 billion to the government’s coffers beyond what was anticipated in last year’s budget, and
  •  A fiscal plan that will see increased revenues while program spending is essentially flat-lined over the next three years. The fiscal plan incorporates program review savings targets of $500 million in each of the next three years

To read our full analysis of the 2015 Ontario budget, click here: 2015 Ontario Budget Analysis

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Federal Budget 2015

Yesterday, the Harper Government unveiled the final Budget of its majority government mandate today in advance of the fixed election date of October 19, 2015.

Serving essentially as a Conservative campaign platform, and peppered with announcements intended to have wide appeal, Budget 2015 represents a politically bold and strategic attempt to bolster long-standing populist themes which, taken together, have been their hallmark since taking office in 2006.

Read FleishmanHillard’s full analysis: Fleishman Hillard Budget Note.

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FH Power of True Salon with Special Guest: Deb Matthews

On Thursday, July 10, the FleishmanHillard Public Affairs team launched the first event in our new political insight series, FH Power of True Salon.

FH Power of True Salon is an informal, bi-monthly breakfast series that covers topical events taking place at all three levels of government.

We were thrilled to have nearly 100 friends from a number of sectors and Queen’s Park join us to hear from our special guest Deb Matthews, President of the Treasury Board, Deputy Premier and co-chair of the successful Liberal election campaign and FleishmanHillard’s own Paris Meilleur, Deputy Director of Communications for the Liberal campaign, who shared their experiences and insights from the campaign, discussed the implications of a majority government, and looked at the Liberal government’s priorities.

FH Power of True Salon

Special guest, Deb Matthews, speaks to the crowd at FleishmanHillard’s first event in our new political insight series, FH Power of True Salon.

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2014 Cabinet Shuffle Analysis

This afternoon, Premier Kathleen Wynne swore in her newly appointed Cabinet. The new Cabinet is comprised of 26 Ministers – 18 of whom are Ministers in new positions – plus the Premier, and includes: 22 full-fledged Ministers, two Associate Ministers, and two Ministers without portfolio, including the Chair of Cabinet.

Wynne has made significant changes to the Cabinet, including a new structure that reinforces the government’s key priorities: jobs, infrastructure and transportation, and pensions.

Significantly, files held by the Ministry of Finance have been rearranged, resulting in three finance-related portfolios. Charles Sousa remains as Minister of Finance, and will oversee broad economic policy and budgeting. Minister Sousa will be joined by Mitzie Hunter, a first-time Cabinet minister and the new Associate Finance Minister, responsible for the implementation of the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP).

To read our full analysis, click: 2014 Cabinet Shuffle Analysis

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 6

The results of Ontario’s 41st provincial election are in, and with Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals defying expectations and winning a majority government, the people of Ontario have spoken loud and clear.

Read our full analysis of the 2014 Ontario Election in Election Watch Issue 6: 2014 Ontario Election Watch – Issue 6

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Be As You Wish To Be Seen

This is my first post as General Manager of the FleishmanHillard Toronto office. While I admit I’ve taken too long to put thought to keyboard, I am truly excited to begin a conversation about the ever-changing world of communications and how authentic engagement is critical for success.

As most people that work with me – colleagues and clients alike – will attest, I believe that impactful communications is rooted in research and insights. Nothing irks me more than jumping straight to tactics, or as I often say “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks,” when tasked with solving a client’s business need or issue. And so, it’s with this conviction that I’ve chosen today to make my debut here.

This morning, FleishmanHillard launched results from its Global Authenticity Gap study with Canadian data included for the first time. What does this mean for FH Canada?

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 5

Tuesday night the three leaders from the Ontario Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, and Progressive Conservative Party squared off for the one and only time during the election in a debate moderated by TVO’s Steve Paikin. Over the course of one and a half hours the leaders were presented with six questions about gas plants, energy costs, job creation, the deficit, transit and education,. Notably, health care was missing from the mix, raising the ire of some in the healthcare sector.

In talking about debates it seems impossible to avoid the ever-overused boxing metaphor, and summing up this one is no exception: though there were a few good swings, no one delivered a knockout blow.

For more of our expert analysis on this week’s debate, read Ontario Election Watch – Issue 5

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