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FH Toronto CreateAthon a Resounding Success


The 24-hour PR marathon may be over but we are still smiling from ear-to-ear after our successful CreateAthon event here at FleishmanHillard Toronto.

Our 2015 charities, Evergreen Brickworks, the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, Ovarian Cancer Canada, Camp Kivita and Hot Docs, each came to us with unique challenges and different needs.

“I was completely surprised and delighted about the detail, direction and thorough planning that went into the strategy and execution plan.” Ovarian Cancer Canada

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Aboriginal Business Match and FH

Networking at trade conferences can be a very random thing – am I in the right place meeting the right people… is this worth my time and effort… who do I follow up with?

Not so at the Aboriginal Business Match East conference in Mississauga which we attended recently. The meeting is all about building effective business relationships between Aboriginal communities and the private sector. Here the business meetings are all arranged in advance – 20 minutes to tell your story and hear theirs. Kind of like speed dating, the randomness is taken right out of it. You are meeting the people who make the most sense and the follow up is focused.

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FH Poll Position – Election Recap


Canada’s 42nd Election followed one of the longest and more dramatic election campaigns in Canada’s modern history.  Beginning August 2nd, over the course of 78 days, the Liberal Party of Canada steadily rose in the polls from third to first place to eventually form a majority government on October 19th. While the NDP slightly led popular opinion polls in August, the party began to decline in popularity when the three major parties began to unveil their policy platforms, often in response to international events. In particular, the Liberal promise on August 27th to run three consecutive deficits in order to stimulate Canada’s economy appeared to resonate with voters as Statistics Canada announced the country entered a “technical recession” on September 1st.

Get the FleishmanHillard take on the 42nd Election, in FH Poll Position – Election Recap 

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FH Poll Position – Issue 11



Welcome to the last edition of the FH Poll Position before decision day! It has been a long and often wild ride since the writ was dropped some 11 weeks ago. We have seen candidate resignations, leaders slip up, unexpected breakthroughs and drop offs in poll numbers, and a more sustained battle than ever before to reach a new crop of voters through social media. It is also safe to say that most Canadians now know what a niqab is — an issue that was hugely politicized, leading one to ask WWJD? What Would John Diefenbaker Do that is, harking back to an era when the “unhyphenated Canadian” was front and centre in the old PC party.

Get the FleishmanHillard take on this week’s campaign trail activities, including reaction from Canadians, in FH Poll Position – Issue 11


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FleishmanHillard helps: CreateAthon 2015 and the 24 hours of PR that we’re giving away

If you work in the agency world, there is one resounding truth about your day, no matter where you work – you’re busy. With client deliverables, late night brainstorms, meetings and presentations all on the table, all at once, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of billable hours.

With this kind of pressure, it’s not uncommon for the time that we could dedicate to bettering our communities to be pushed lower and lower on the ever-growing to-do list.

But 17 years ago, two agency busybodies had a brilliant idea about how to take that time, and push it to the very top – even if only for one day.

Enter CreateAthon, a 24-hour blitz that all kinds of marketing businesses take part in, donating their services to not-for-profits, free of charge, for one day.

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