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FH Power of True Salon with Special Guest: Deb Matthews

On Thursday, July 10, the FleishmanHillard Public Affairs team launched the first event in our new political insight series, FH Power of True Salon.

FH Power of True Salon is an informal, bi-monthly breakfast series that covers topical events taking place at all three levels of government.

We were thrilled to have nearly 100 friends from a number of sectors and Queen’s Park join us to hear from our special guest Deb Matthews, President of the Treasury Board, Deputy Premier and co-chair of the successful Liberal election campaign and FleishmanHillard’s own Paris Meilleur, Deputy Director of Communications for the Liberal campaign, who shared their experiences and insights from the campaign, discussed the implications of a majority government, and looked at the Liberal government’s priorities.

FH Power of True Salon

Special guest, Deb Matthews, speaks to the crowd at FleishmanHillard’s first event in our new political insight series, FH Power of True Salon.

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2014 Cabinet Shuffle Analysis

This afternoon, Premier Kathleen Wynne swore in her newly appointed Cabinet. The new Cabinet is comprised of 26 Ministers – 18 of whom are Ministers in new positions – plus the Premier, and includes: 22 full-fledged Ministers, two Associate Ministers, and two Ministers without portfolio, including the Chair of Cabinet.

Wynne has made significant changes to the Cabinet, including a new structure that reinforces the government’s key priorities: jobs, infrastructure and transportation, and pensions.

Significantly, files held by the Ministry of Finance have been rearranged, resulting in three finance-related portfolios. Charles Sousa remains as Minister of Finance, and will oversee broad economic policy and budgeting. Minister Sousa will be joined by Mitzie Hunter, a first-time Cabinet minister and the new Associate Finance Minister, responsible for the implementation of the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP).

To read our full analysis, click: 2014 Cabinet Shuffle Analysis

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 6

The results of Ontario’s 41st provincial election are in, and with Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals defying expectations and winning a majority government, the people of Ontario have spoken loud and clear.

Read our full analysis of the 2014 Ontario Election in Election Watch Issue 6: 2014 Ontario Election Watch – Issue 6

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Be As You Wish To Be Seen

This is my first post as General Manager of the FleishmanHillard Toronto office. While I admit I’ve taken too long to put thought to keyboard, I am truly excited to begin a conversation about the ever-changing world of communications and how authentic engagement is critical for success.

As most people that work with me – colleagues and clients alike – will attest, I believe that impactful communications is rooted in research and insights. Nothing irks me more than jumping straight to tactics, or as I often say “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks,” when tasked with solving a client’s business need or issue. And so, it’s with this conviction that I’ve chosen today to make my debut here.

This morning, FleishmanHillard launched results from its Global Authenticity Gap study with Canadian data included for the first time. What does this mean for FH Canada?

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 5

Tuesday night the three leaders from the Ontario Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, and Progressive Conservative Party squared off for the one and only time during the election in a debate moderated by TVO’s Steve Paikin. Over the course of one and a half hours the leaders were presented with six questions about gas plants, energy costs, job creation, the deficit, transit and education,. Notably, health care was missing from the mix, raising the ire of some in the healthcare sector.

In talking about debates it seems impossible to avoid the ever-overused boxing metaphor, and summing up this one is no exception: though there were a few good swings, no one delivered a knockout blow.

For more of our expert analysis on this week’s debate, read Ontario Election Watch – Issue 5

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 4

If last week things started to heat up on the campaign trail, then this week things became down right explosive.

Get the full recap in this week’s Ontario 2014 Election Watch: 2014 Ontario Election Watch – Issue 4

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 3

At the end of week 2 of the campaign, television and radio ads are out, the debates are set, and the gloves are off.

Read this week’s issue of the 2014 Ontario Election Watch to get caught up on all that’s happening on the current campaign trail.

Ontario Election Watch – Issue 3

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Ontario 2014 Election Watch: Issue 2

A week and a half into the election, things on the campaign trail have started to heat up.

Tim Hudak’s announcement last Friday that he would cut 100,000 public service jobs continues to dominate the campaign narrative. Toronto Star columnist, Martin Regg Cohn summed the impact of Hudak’s announcement in a column this week stating that Hudak’s “message is setting the agenda and overshadowing the other two parties.”

Click to read our full Ontario Election Watch – Issue 2.

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2014 Election Watch: Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of FleishmanHillard’s 2014 Ontario Election Watch, which will be sent out weekly over the campaign period.

On Wednesday May 7 Lieutenant Governor, David Onley, officially dropped the writ for Ontario’s 41st provincial election. With that, we are off to the races with 34 days to go until e-day on June 12. A spring election has been widely anticipated for a number of months, and was ultimately triggered after NDP leader Andrea Horwath refused to support the 2014 budget introduced by the Liberal-led minority government on May 1. Minority governments tend to have an 18 month lifespan, and so the Liberal’s “major-minority” that formed after the 2011 election has lasted longer than expected.

Read the full issue here: 2014 Ontario Election Watch_Issue 1

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FleishmanHillard Toronto and the 2014 CPRS ACE Awards

This week a few members of the FleishmanHillard Toronto team made their way to the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) 2014 Achieving Communications Excellence (ACE) Awards, honouring the best in Toronto’s PR industry, where they managed to take home hardware in three categories.

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